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Fresh chestnut

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Tianjin Ganli is a representative chestnut variety in China. The commonly known "Tianjin Ganli" is mainly produced in Qianxi County, Zunhua County, Qinglong County, Xinglong County, and Kuancheng County in Hebei, China. The name was obtained because the chestnuts produced in the Yanshan Mountains in the 1950s were exported through the Tianjin Port. Yanshan mountain chestnut is famous in the world for its bright color, high sugar content, sweet aroma, and sweet, sweet and glutinous characteristics.

Until now, Chinese Yanshan chestnuts sold in Japan are also expensive green foods. There are many ways to eat chestnut fruit. In addition to raw food, it can also be cooked. It can also be processed into flavored foods such as canned chestnut chicken, chestnut ravioli, chocolate, milk powder, chestnut preserves, and various pastry fillings. The common way of eating is sugar-fried chestnuts. The sugar-fried chestnuts are fragrant, sweet and delicious.


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