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First, raw material advantages:

Years of fresh chestnut export processing experience ensure that all our raw materials come from our own base of mature chestnut trees for many years, thus ensuring the unique flavor, sweetness and waxiness of Jingdong chestnut.

Equipment advantages:

 In 2014, our company purchased and built a brand new small packaging Ganliren production workshop and production line, with a daily output of 5 tons of small packaging. The brand-new and advanced production equipment is our sincerity to dedicate excellent products: the well-known brand "Kang Laifu" vacuum automatic sealing machine, after the completion of the vacuum, the nitrogen is filled for freshness, and the nitrogen purity is more than 99.5%. Full-automatic high-temperature and high-pressure new gas-containing sterilization retort and full-automatic sterilizer are sealed and sterilized in a high-temperature environment of 121 ° C to ensure the inherent quality and natural taste of the product, maintain the flavor unchanged and never damage the nutritional ingredients. Newly introduced pure water equipment and room temperature air-drying equipment to reduce human involvement, keep the packaging clean and bright, and avoid external damage as much as possible.

Advantages of strict quality control:

The company has advanced quality testing equipment, and conducts full-time supervision and inspection of the production process and products to escort the product safety: it has a high-precision metal (IQF) detector and X-ray machine to ensure the possibility of foreign materials such as metal being completely mixed out; it has an independent The laboratory and advanced laboratory equipment are equipped with professionals to carry out full-track laboratory tests on the products. We always follow "quality first, credit first". Provide consumers with excellent, safe and assured products.

Fourth, personnel advantages:

The company has 11 management and technical personnel with college education or above, and has many years of experience in food production, operation and management. We strictly control food quality and safety, and take production safety, hygiene, quality and quantity as our production motivation and goal. Good products speak for themselves, and we are willing to accept market and consumer inspection with good quality and safe products.

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