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Preferred chestnut

Take a look at the colors.

Some raw chestnuts look bright on the surface and have a deep color like chocolate. Do not buy such chestnuts. This is old. The new chestnuts are the ones that are lighter in color (like coffee with more companions) and have a thin layer of powder that is not shiny.

Second look at fluff.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of fluff on the tail of chestnuts. The kind of surface is bright. Old chestnuts usually have less hair, only a little on the tip of the tail. The fluff at the tail of new chestnuts is generally more.

Third, there are no worm eyes on the surface.

Look around.

There is a kind of Japanese chestnut, which is very large and very pleasing, but this kind of chestnut has large moisture, less sweetness, high yield, and tastes not as good as domestic varieties of noodles and sweetness. The second is a common medium-sized common variety, which is slightly different depending on the origin. The third type is not very common and is very small, but this type is generally mountain chestnuts, a real green food with a sweet taste.

Five look at the shape.

Common chestnuts are roughly divided into two shapes, one round on one side and flat on the other; the other is flat on both sides. When choosing, choose the one that is sweeter, or the second one that is not sweet. The reason is very simple. From the growth state of chestnuts, there are several chestnuts on the tree. They are surrounded by a green spiny shell. The sides are flat, and the chestnuts closer to the shell are more susceptible to sunlight. The sugar content of many fruits has a lot to do with the amount of sunshine. This is why chestnuts on the outside are sweeter than on the inside.

If you don't eat the raw chestnuts you bought at the time, try to put them in a mesh bag or sieve with mesh, and place them in a cool and ventilated place.


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