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How to distinguish the quality of sweet chestnuts?


How to distinguish the quality of sweet chestnuts?

Autumn is the time when fresh chestnuts are on the market, and we often see street-fried chestnuts. Some unscrupulous merchants add industrial paraffin oil or fry sugar with saccharin, both of which are harmful to the body. Here are four practical ways to pick up fried chestnuts with sugar, which can greatly reduce the probability of buying low-quality fried chestnuts.

Before you buy chestnuts, you can ask a vendor for a taste. The chestnuts fried with saccharin are sweet at first, but have no aftertaste. You can taste the bitterness when you taste it carefully. And fried with sugar, there is basically no bitterness.

Take a few paper towels when you buy chestnuts, first wipe the chestnut's shell. If there is oil stain on it, it means that this chestnut may be added with paraffin oil (some people also add vegetable oil when frying chestnuts, but the amount is relatively small), try not to buy.

When looking at the color of the flesh, when choosing chestnuts, do not blindly pursue the color of the flesh to be white or golden. The flesh that is too golden may be chemically treated. Conversely, if you notice a brownish color in the flesh after frying or cooking, don't worry. This is caused by the "browning reaction" of the enzymes contained in chestnuts. As long as the taste does not change, there is no harm to the human body.

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