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Autumn and Winter Dessert Purple Potato Fresh Chestnut Cake



Purple sweet potato

200g fresh chestnut

Cookies 100g

Liquid butter 35g

200g cream cheese

70g granulated sugar

70g eggs

100g light cream

30g almond flour

30g butter


1. Purple potato wrapped in tin foil and put in Depp oven fan. Roasted at 200 degrees for 35 minutes.

2. Remove the epidermis while it is hot, and cut into small pieces for later use;

3. Wash the fresh chestnuts and boil them in hot water for 15min

4, remove the cold water bubble for 3min, peel it for future use;

5, cracker processing, add liquid butter and mix well;

6.Pour into the mold to flatten and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

7, cream cheese is added together with fine sugar upside down, heat insulation water softens;

8. Add egg liquid in 3 times and mix well;

9. Add whipped cream and mix well;

10. The butter is heated to liquefy, and added slightly after cooling; mix well;

11.Finally sieve in almond flour;

12.After mixing, sifter the batter twice; pour half of the cheese paste into the mold;

13. Lay the purple potatoes and chestnuts prepared before. Pour in the remaining half of the cheese paste;

14. Put in the pre-heated oven, 160 degrees in strong baking mode, and bake for 40 minutes under water.

15. After taking out, let cool at room temperature. Refrigerate for 2 hours and cut into pieces;

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