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Zunhua Guanghui Foods Co., Ltd., founded in April 2004, is one of the earliest companies that operated chestnuts in Zunhua. It is located in the east of Zhoujia Village, Shimen Town, Zunhua City, covers an area of  20000 square meters, processing and sales of chestnuts, and plays a leading and backbone role in the purchase and export volume of the local fresh chestnut market in Zunhua.

"Guanghui Foods" fresh chestnut products have been in the forefront of Hebei Province's exports in recent years. The products are exported to South Korea, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao, occupying an important market position in chestnut exports. The company has passed the Japanese organic JAS certification and the China Green Huaxia National Standard organic certification, and runs the HACCP food hygiene quality management system. In recent years, it has been rated as one of a key export enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Tangshan.

The company mainly deals in various specifications of fresh chestnuts, small-packed chestnuts (also known as soft-packed cans), bagged open chestnuts, quick-frozen chestnuts, frozen chestnuts, and other agricultural and sideline products. At present,    Possess 10 production lines, annual storage chestnut capacity 5000-6000 tons,  and annual sales quantity 7000-8000 tons.Its capacity of storage, freshness preservation and incentive processing ranks among the advanced level in the same industry.

Company Profile

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