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Fresh fried chestnut


In the poem to the grandson Wu Xuan, the prime minister of the Song Dynasty, Wang Anshi, had a saying "He loved Lili from his young age and grew up to read a five-car book." In the Qing Dynasty, people called the sugar-sautéed chestnuts with unique flavor as "filled fragrant sugar". So far, there is a poem about sugar-fried chestnuts spreading in Beijing area: "Heap of fried chestnuts fried in deep yellow. Taste that the cold fire is even lighter and the fire is shouting in front of the door. "

The appearance of sugar-frying fresh chestnuts is often darker and brighter. This is due to the sugar and looks more appetizing. Moreover, the sugar itself is sticky. After being put in the pot, the ash and the impurities on the chestnut shell can be sticked out, making the surface of the chestnuts cleaner.

The regular sugar-fried chestnuts should be fried with maltose, honey and refined vegetable oil, and some of them can be fried directly with the prepared sugar. Some hawkers may add sweeteners such as industrial paraffin and sodium saccharin to stir-fry when roasting chestnuts. The black things are made of round sand with sweeteners such as maltose and refined vegetable oil or industrial paraffin and sodium saccharin. If you make sweet fried chestnuts to increase the sweetness, you may add saccharin at will and cause an excess, so do not buy chestnuts that are particularly sweet or even bitter.

In addition, it is recommended to wipe the shell of the chestnut with a paper towel when purchasing, and do not buy it if it is oily. In addition, try to choose closed mouth, cleaner and safer.

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